Acupoint Soma Therapy

Many people suffer from chronic pain. Fortunately, there are treatments available, including acupressure and Soma therapy. These treatment methods can provide lasting pain relief. If you'd like to explore acupoint soma therapy in Midtown Atlanta, GA, come see Dr. Tom Born at Back n2 Motion to discuss treatment options.

Acupoint Therapy Basics

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine still in use today. This traditional Chinese medicine remains popular because it can encourage blood flow, the release of endorphins, and more. Over the years, chiropractors and other medical experts have continued to expand upon the methods and knowledge of traditional acupuncture. This has given rise to “acupoint therapy.”

Acupoint therapy is thus often used to refer to the collection of medical treatments that include but are not limited to acupuncture. While acupuncture may be used as part of acupoint therapy, several other types of acupoint treatments can also be leveraged. We’ll cover some of the latest and most popular types of treatment, but keep in mind that the field is constantly evolving.

Different Types of Acupoint Therapy Treatments

First, acupressure massage therapy is a top choice for many patients. With this treatment, pressure is applied to various acupoints throughout the body. Just as acupuncture needles can stimulate these points, pressure may as well. Acupoints can be found in the back, hands, limbs, face, and essentially everywhere. It's crucial to select the right acupoints, however.

When acupoints are stimulated, they can relieve tension and strain. It may also encourage the release of endorphins, which are one of your body’s natural mechanisms for addressing aches and pains. Increased endorphin levels may also improve your mood and mental state. Many people suffering from headaches, cramps, and similar conditions also find relief with this treatment.

Of course, technology progresses, and hands-on treatment and acupuncture needles are no longer the only options. Another popular acupoint treatment involves the use of Micro-Currents to stimulate acupoints and encourage a healthy flow of chi energy. With Micro-Current Acupoint, it’s possible to apply safe, stimulating electrical currents directly to various acupoints.

Want to try acupoint soma therapy in Midtown Atlanta, GA? Visit Dr. Born at Back n2 Motion to discuss treatment options.

Soma Therapy Basics

Another popular type of treatment is soma therapy. This therapy centers on the body but also aims to connect the mind with the body. In many cases, psychotherapeutic treatment is used to relieve stress and anxiety, while physical treatments can encourage the release of endorphins along with stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

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