Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care concentrates on finding the root cause of any health issues, on the belief that if everything works as it should, the body can heal itself. Dr. Tom Born of Back n2 Motion has been in his Midtown Atlanta location since 2011 and treating patients in the Atlanta, GA, area since 1992.

Chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment involves the manipulation of joints, including the vertebrae in the spine. When joints are misaligned they can become fixed and limit the range of motion and mobility. In the spine, misalignments can keep messages from the brain from getting through to the rest of the body unobstructed. Dr. Born uses Gonstead Diversified Adjustment Technique, Thompson Drop Table, Flexion/ Distraction, and Motion Palpation. Different adjustment techniques may be used on the same patient depending on the need. 

Other treatments we provide:

Acupressure Massage Technique uses manual pressure to provide muscle relaxation and pain relief. Pressure is applied with the fingers to key points. Trigger points are knots in the muscles and, by releasing the tension in the knots, pain relief may result.  

Cryotherapy is the use of cold compresses to reduce muscle spasms and pain through the numbing effect of temperature reduction. It also reduces swelling, inflammation, and blood circulation in the early stages of an injury. It can be done in the chiropractor's office or at home. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the use of low levels of electric current to help reduce muscle pain from trigger points and swelling. It helps to relax the muscles and to stimulate endorphins for natural pain relief. 

Micro-Current Acupoint is the use of microcurrents to stimulate blockages in the meridians along which the Chi or energy in the body flows. It is a form of acupuncture without the use of needles. 

Ultrasound therapy uses sound to heat and vibrate the tissues deep beneath the skin. It causes the cells to regenerate themselves more quickly, accelerating healing. 

Stretching is a form of therapeutic exercise that targets the areas of pain and injury and helps to increase mobility as well as strength. Dr. Born uses Thai Extension Stretch Therapy to help his patients to reach their full potential. 

When you are in need of chiropractic care, Dr. Tom Born of Back n2 Motion in Midtown Atlanta, GA provides a wide variety of treatments and techniques to help patients uncover the path to a balanced life. To make an appointment to begin your journey to health, call our office at 404-435-2955.

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